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Nasty Cushman Mango | FREEBASE | 60ml | Low Mint

Nasty Cushman Mango | FREEBASE |  60ml | Low Mint - FrenzyFog
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Cush Man by Nasty Juice delivers one of the best fruity-taste of this mango flavored e-juice. The authentic taste with a pleasant aroma will boost your appetite.

Cush Man is a beautiful and tasty blend of Ripe Mango.  Everytime I vape this premium e juice, I am sent back to those street fairs and I am eating those fresh and delicious mangos that they would sell. Those things were so darn good and so is this vape juice! This flavor is out of this world delicious and by no means a juice to sleep on. If you like fruit flavored or mango flavored e juices then this flavor is definitely for you. The inhale is a sweet taste of ripe and juicy mangos. The exhale brings the entire flavor together and a big milky cloud of tastiness.