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Liquid review

very powerfull aroma best shop in lebanon, mixture of the mango peach is super flavor


Wonderfull flavor,

Tobacco (Cigar) is present and so tasty and smooth, a subtle hint of honny but not too sweet, its very well blended and so tasty both for DL and MTL.

Recommended for everyone, especially for those who are searching for super tasty alternative of regular cigarette or cigar.

(Great companion to your coffee cup or espresso)

what a flavor

if you're a pistachio lover then don't hesitate to try this out
a great mix of rich pistachio with vanilla
recommended for whole daily vaping.

icy apple shisha

vaping in summer with a non-icy flavor could heat you up.
this flavor is icy and too accurate to the shisha double apple. so, u can enjoy the flavor of double apple and keep you cold.

the best mix of watermelon and redbull

in my opinion this is the best mix between red bull and fruit u can have in your vape. where u can feel with both flavors at same time. the watermelon is too rich, also u can't stop vaping from it.

machiato flavor with a coffee at morning

if you drink coffee at morning this is the best flavor to have it in your vape
it's delicious flavor, but with a cup of coffee it will be more.

best cigar flavor

after trying many flavors of cigar like caramel vanilla macchiato
this is the most one i like where u feel that u want to puff more & more.

but of course, the other flavors are great flavors.


cheesecake with chocolate, hummmm, honestly it is a really amazing flavor which u can't stop vaping from this flavor.
also, this is the first time I tried a dessert like cheesecake in vapes and it was a mind blowing.

High mint watermelon explosion

got around 10bottles for this premium promotion price, checked their website the original price was around 15$ for a 60ml. an all win to win with high mint i got freezed :)

Die Melon Eliquid Promotion

Provided By SwisseOils Lab for marketing purpose only as a limited edition for a handcrafted liquid as the price is for promotion only for middle east until the quantity is at end. Enjoy.

It's 4.5 not 5

Bought this vape from 9 days ago and here is the review

flavor: it's pretty good very decent flavor

Battery: I do heavy use all day chain vaping and I only need to charge it when I sleep and yes it has auto stop charging when battery is full, means it's safe

Air flow: it's balanced tight but not too tight

The cartirage life span: I did use it with 4 refills for now and it's still alive no burnt flavor yet

The negatives: no air flow control if someone like it windy or less air second the vape has no battery indicator

Conclusion it's so cheap comparing what you're getting, and remember this vape is made to comparison with disposables vapes it's exactly same size but with bigger battery and refillable juice where you can choose your own preference of juice. So small and elegant look

Hariyan godrej frontier sec 80


amazing flavor

very fresh flavor that you can vape it all day. with each puff u will take another puff directly. OfCourse if you are a Vimto lover this flavor will refresh your mood <3.

best grape flavor

if u tried all the grape flavor between Grape-Fuzz, Granny-Grape and the grape-fantasy.
you will find this one the most delicious between other grape e-liquid.
OfCourse granny and grape fuzz are delicious, but this flavor is more and more delicious.

great mix of all BERRIES

a great flavor that u can vape all day.
but I faced a problem that on 400 puff I start feel with the heat of the coil on 600 puffs u will feel with the burning of the coil so u will change the cotton on this e-juice I changed my cotton on RDA-Dead rabbit v3 4 to 5 times while on the berry bomb from premium e-liquid the cotton last more like I finished the whole bottle of 50ml with a normal condition of the cotton that can take 5ml to burn
so, one day I want to vape a berry and obviously I will go to the berry bomb also its richer in flavor.

A Totally Freshly Summer E-Juice

if you a Clorets chewing gum fan then you will adore this flavor mint and ice never get tired of vaping it... with each puff you will take another puff directly
watch out its too icyyyy - but if you are on a sunny day on beach mountain home it will make your breath too cold. which its a nice a feeling

good flavor

it's a delicious flavor but its profile is low since the VG/PG are 78/22% ... you will get a lot of vapor but the taste is somehow low
the smell of the vapor is great but there is one problem that the cotton burns out fast on this big bottle i changed the cotton on 700 puffs while other juices like lusty-premium... can go to 1100-1200 puffs to change cotton on my RDA dead rabbit v3 tank both of them the power wattage was 42-50

for that I put 3 stars


Crisp natural peach and apricot flavors. Awesome vape for upcoming hot summer days.


I'm not exaggerating
This one of the best tobacco liquids out there. Very clean and smooth.

Perfect Mango

Awesome natural mango flavor.

Tobacco goodness

Very tasty tobacco. This is definitely an all day/every day vape for anyone wanting to quit smoking.


This is my first time trying a blueberry flavor and I don't regret it. Very tasty!

Delicious Taste and amazing smell

a great taste mix of tropical fruits with low throat hit... also when my friend was vaping it in the room, the room smell was amazing.

amazing mix of berries flavor

this flavor is great choice if u are a berry lover.
rich flavor, no throat hit
I vaped 2 full tanks in 2 hours (11ml)

great tank

any flavor I put in this tank make the flavor more tasteful than another tank.
with its dual coil it makes the juice more delicious, and the juice will last longer.

according to leak it has 0% leakage since I bought till now even if it was flipped in my bag, I hold it and its always clear and no juice covering my tank.
A small hint for the future, go always to top airflow.