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Vapeants E8 Pods 1pc

Vapeants E8 Pods 1pc

Meant for the Vapeants E8 Portable Pod System and has a 1.2ml E-Liquid capacity and consists of a magnetic gold plated connector for amazing conductivity!.

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Product Introduction:

Vapeants E8 Replacement Pods

(Pack of 3) 1.5 ohm & 1.8 ohm pod packs

The Vapeants E8 Replacement Pods:

These refillable pods have an ergonomically designed mouth piece and silicone red and black for side filling.

These pods have a resistance range of 1.5 and 1.8 ohm. The Vapeants E8 comes in a pack of 3 individually packaged refillable pods.

Coil Specifications:

Refillable Vapeants Replacement Pods

1.2ml E-Liquid Capacity

1.5 ohm Pod

Red Silicone Stopper

1.8 ohm Pod

Black Silicone Stopper

Proprietary Side Fill Pods

Silicone Stopper