Listman IMR 21700 3800mAh 40A

Listman IMR 21700 3800mAh 40A
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Listman 21700 battery 3800mah 3.7v li ion battery rechargeable battrey


1, Brand: LISTMAN
2, Model: 21700
3, Normal voltage: 3.7V
4, Normal capacity: 3800mah
5, Charging voltage: 4.2V ± 0.5V
6, Discharging cut-off voltage: 2.5V
7, Discharge rate: 40A
8, Rechargeable: Yes
9, Size: 21±2mm Dia 70±1mm Length
10, Cycle life: > 500 times
11, Operation Temperature Range: Charge(0~45C) Discharge(-10~60C)
12, Top: Flat Top

-Do not overdischarge/overcharge
-Recharge drained batteries ASAP
-Do not short circuit
-Do not dispose of in fire
-Do not expose to extreme heat or water
-Please be familiar with handling lithium batteries before purchase.