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Demon Killer Flame Set 24pcs

Demon Killer Flame Set 24pcs
Demon Killer Flame Set 24pcs

The Demon Killer Flame Coil is a premium coil made from Ni80 and SS316L, which can distribute heat evenly. With six resistance types in a set, the Demon Killer Flame Coil will definitely satisfy your various vaping needs! Just get it for DIY fun.

Demon Killer

Product Introduction

The Demon Killer Flame Coil 6 in 1 is designed for RBA. The Flame Coil comes with the Ni80 coil and SS316L coil with different resistance, which will bring you various vaping experience. 24pcs each pack. Get it as a spare part for your rebuildable tanks such as RTA, RDA and RDTA.


          A 28GA*2+38GA, 0.4ohm
          B 28GA*3+38GA, 0.3ohm
          C (28GA*2)+38GA, 0.4ohm
          D 26GA*3+38GA, 0.12ohm
          E 26GA*2+38GA, 0.2ohm
          F (26GA*2)+38GA, 0.3ohm
          A 28GA*2+38GA, 0.5ohm
          B 28GA*3+38GA, 0.35ohm
          C (28GA*2)+38GA, 0.5ohm
          D 26GA*3+38GA, 0.25ohm
          E 26GA*2+38GA, 0.25ohm
          F (26GA*2)+38GA, 0.3ohm
Quantity: 24pcs/pack,4pcs/ kind

It comes with

  • 1x Demon Killer Flame Coil 6 in 1 24pcs

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