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AWT C4 Charger 2A

AWT C4 Charger 2A AWT
AWT C4 Charger 2A AWT
AWT C4 Charger 2A AWT

The AWT C4 Charger makes charging your Li-ion batteries simple! AWTs C4 Charger automatically detects your battery after inserting and supports 2A charging for blazing fast speeds!


4 18650 charging slots
Compatible with Li-ion, Ni-MH, and Ni-CD Batteries
25A/0.50A/1.0A/2.0A Charging Options

Brand: AWT
Unit: 1 set
Input Type: DC 5V
Output Type: 4.2V
Material: Plastic Shell
Shipping weight: 240g
Package: Simple Packing